40ft shipping containers are the best value for money compared to the others sizes, if you have the space available. If your space is limited then our 20ft shipping containers are a popular alternative.

These 40ft steel boxes are ideal for the storage of large amounts of goods e.g. stock or machinery, especially for longer term storage (due to restrictions at getting everything inside). Other common uses for 40′ shipping containers include self-storage, on building sites (tools and machinery), garden storage (replacement for a shed), secure storage inside or outside business premises, sports clubs and schools (equipment), allotments, farms. They are also the most popular choice for shipping container conversions e.g. houses, offices and retail units.

We offer standard size and high-cube used 40ft steel boxes as well as new (one-trip) units and new double doors (tunnel containers).

*We offer a 10 year warranty for no leaks and for the structural integrity of the container.


40ft Standard

  • External Length: 40’
  • Internal Length: 39’5’’
  • Max. payload: 62,000 lbs
  • External Width: 8’
  • Internal Width: 7’8’’
  • Tare: 8,000 lbs
  • External Height: 8’6’’
  • Internal Height: 7’10’’
  • Max. gross: 70,000 lbs

40ft High-Cube

  • External Length: 40’
  • Internal Length: 39’5″
  • Max. payload: 62,000 lbs
  • External Width: 8’
  • Internal Width: 7’8’’
  • Tare: 8,400 lbs
  • External Height: 9’6’’
  • Internal Height: 8’10”
  • Max. gross: 70,000 lbs

** Container dimensions may vary slightly based on manufacturer.

All of our used containers are wind and watertight:

  • No holes
  • Solid floors
  • Structurally sound
  • The doors have all gaskets in place and seal shut

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