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If you’re looking for a container or the ideal spot to store your belongings, we provide services through which you may rent storage containers for commercial or personal use.

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Containers & Payment Info

We rent 20ft and 40ft steel storage containers nationwide. Your first payment will be for delivery and the first month’s rent, and we can charge your credit card each month on auto-pay.


Key Advantages

Quick & easy renting process

Our shipping time averages 7 days. Tilt-bed trailers let us unload safely almost anywhere.

Secure storage solutions

A lockable storage unit is the best option for storing your belongings in a safe, secure, and cost-effective manner.

Fast delivery

We usually deliver within 7-15 business days of receiving your order.


Rates List

20ft Container

1-12 Months

$225 per month

12-24 Months

$175 per month

24+ Months

$140 per month

40ft Container

1-12 Months

$290 per month

12-24 Months

$240 per month

24+ Months

$200 per month

40ft high-cube Container

1-12 Months

$300 per month

12-24 Months

$250 per month

24+ Months

$210 per month

20ft and 40ft containers to rent for storage

Picture this: you are in the middle of a move and need to store all your stuff, but you don’t know where and you need to do that fast. What can you do without spending thousands of dollars upfront? Rent storage containers.

With Get Your Steel Box, you no longer have to get frustrated with the hassle of storing your belongings or lugging heavy items around. Your storage needs are met with a lockable container. Whether you want one as a long-term rental or to keep your stuff for a month, you can get a secure steel container in good condition that can weather any storm, literally and figuratively.

Cheap storage containers for rent that are more secure than a bank vault

Are you tired of taking multiple trips to the storage facility? Get spacious and cheap storage containers for rent delivered straight to where you will keep your items: 

  • 20ft containers – Pick the classic type for stuff such as a couch, armchairs, small equipment, and holiday decorations. These all-purpose units are ideal for keeping weather-sensitive materials. Plus, they provide rodent-proof protection. 
  • 40ft containers (standard and HC) – Switch to giant container rentals that provide ≈2,700 cubic feet of space if you plan to store larger possessions like extra-size furniture, vehicles, and boats. Standard and HC options are ideal for long-term use and plenty of stuff.

Our containers are made of 14-gauge reinforced steel, are waterproof, and have secure locking mechanisms. They are impossible to access by thieves and are protected from unfavorable environmental conditions. Besides, they have shown what they are made of during integrity and safety inspections to eliminate nasty surprises, such as possible leaks, moisture buildup, or mold forming.

How much does it cost to rent a container?

Our fixed pricing makes finding steel boxes that fit your budget a snap. The cost of your rental depends on the size of the container and the term. The longer you rent, the further monthly price reductions can get.

Whatever period you choose, your container on rent from Get Your Steel Box is very affordable compared to most storage options available today. We also provide customization services to arrange it for your budget and requirements.

How it works

We can bring your 20ft or 40ft container anywhere in the country. The final countdown begins once you:

  1. Select your container type and size and rental period (15 seconds)
  2. Fill in the application form (no longer than 60 seconds) and get approved
  3. Pay for your storage solution according to the selected rental (30 seconds)

Your container rental will be delivered to the specified place in just a few days, depending on the region and extra requirements. What we vouch for is that it will be there on time and with no hidden fees.

Get Your Steel Box makes the renting process simple, stress-free, and, most importantly, affordable. We are always by your side whether you need to temporarily store seasonal items or keep that car in safety for years. Rent a storage container today, and let us add organization and convenience to your life!

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